Calistoga Affordable Housing (CAH) is a California non-profit corporation with Federal tax-exempt status under IRS Section 501(c)(3).


"Neighborhoods are more than clusters of houses.  Calistoga's neighborhoods embody both its roots and its cultrual, commercial spiritual and recreational opportunities.  CAH advocates for finanaially attanable housing and builds neighborhoods that encourage residents to engage in a vibrant vision of their own, and Calistoga's future."

"Calistoga's future depends upon vibrant neighborhoods that are created and sustained by local community members giving of their time and resources. CAH aspires to be a community builder by harnessing and organizing individual and collective groups for the purpose of obtaining and sustaining affordable housing through a vibrant volunteer organization."



"To advocate for new low and moderate-income housing and to be a principal partner in development of and/or preservation of an average of 10 or more low and moderate-income dwelling units annually."

We have been working to improve housing affordability in Calistoga since 2001.  Please click this link to read about Our History

Our Board members are all local community leaders who serve without pay.  We'd like to introduce you to our Board Members and Staff.