Calistoga Affordable Housing, Inc. (CAH) was incorporated as a non-profit housing advocate and developer in April, 2001.  The need for more housing options for Calistoga's low and moderate-income families became clear to the company's founder, Bob Fiddaman, during his active participation in updating the city's General Plan, which was adopted in 2003.  Fiddaman brought together a nine-member board of directors (all local members of the community) and remains active as Board President and real estate volunteer today.

CAH received its initial funding in 2002 from a three-year operating grant of $100,000 from the Cowell Foundation of San Francisco, along with individual donations from each of the board members.  Cowell provided another $100,000 grant in 2004, and the company has also successfully sought operating support from a variety of sources, including Auction Napa Valley, the City of Calistoga, and other foundations.

In late 2002, an agreement was reached with Burbank Housing Development Corporation of Santa Rosa to develop a small "self help" home ownership project in Calistoga.  A site for 18 new homes was located, and the City of Calistoga provided a $540,000 commitment to help finance the project, known as Saratoga Manor II (SM II).  The land purchase was financed by the Rural Community Assistance Corporation, and the US Department of Agriculture provided the bulk of the development financing- altogether 10 different agencies contributed to finance the project.

The demand for SM II was so great that a lottery was held to select the 18 low-income, first-time homebuyers from a pool of 70 qualified families.  Each family contributed at least 30 hours per week for over a year to construct the units.  The project was successfully completed under its $5+ million budget in late 2005.

Also in late 2005 CAH purchased an 8-unit apartment for $900,000 that was in need of rehabilitation.  The objective of the investment was to upgrade the property without raising the rents to existing low-income residents.  Financing for Lakewood in the amount of $1.3 million was provided by the Rural Community Assistance Corporation.

The Lakewood renovation was completed in early 2007, and the apartments are now all occupied at rents that will remain affordable for 40 years.  Permanent  financing has been arranged with several subsidized sources, including the City of calistoga.

Also in 2007, CAH arranged with the City of Calistoga and the Solage Resort developers to take on the development of the 24-unit Palisades Apartments required for work-force housing for the resort.  As of the spring of 2009, that development is complete and accepting applications for renters.  Burbank Housing partnered with us during construction and is providing property management for the units.

CAH currently has a proposal before the city to develop Cottage Glen, a new neighborhood of 31 houses located near the county fairgrounds.  Cottage Glen will provide the first new houses for moderate-income buyers in 15 years.